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-Shanidze & Nikoladze-

Shanidze & Nikoladze Law Group has been established in January 2017 by Georgia-based lawyer Ekaterine Shanidze and UK-based lawyer Tamar Nikoladze.

The company was founded as an act of union of lawyers with a long-term successful career in different legal fields. Both of the founders have more than sixteen years of work experience in different legal practice areas;

The significant reason of the Law Firm’s sustainable progress is the knowledge, professionalism and compelling experience our practicing areas.

Law Firm operates from three locations:

Georgia, Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia

UK, London

London, UK


Batumi, Georgia

What makes us different?

Trusted partnership at all stages of service and / or collaboration.

SNLG has been actively cooperating with both local and foreign companies for many years and has a reliable relationship with partners and clients.

Negotiation power

In everyday business relationships and not only, it is very important to conduct negotiations properly and affectively. NSLG has extensive experience in negotiating between the parties to achieve the desired result.

We offer a modern and simple solution.

Our clients receive services tailored to their case according to the current changes. We offer a simple solution to the modern environment and issues.

Fast, quality and result-oriented services.

Your time is also precious to us, therefore the quality of the services provided by us and the results that the client receives are crucial for “Shanidze & Nikoladze Legal Group”. Each lawyer in our team takes care of the process quickly and efficiently.

Affordable prices

The significant problem that consumers face today in obtaining legal services at a reasonable price is the problem of access to the legal system. Our legal group is focused on making sure you have access to quality services, therefor offers affordable prices for legal services. This will save you finances and time.

Our Team

Ekaterine Shanidze

- Managing Partner -

Mrs. Shanidze is the managing partner of Shanidze and Nikoladze Law Group. She founded the company together with Tamar Nikoladze in January 2017 and still successfully manages the company’s activities…

Tamar Nikoladze

- Partner -

Mrs. Nikoladze has more than ten years work experience on both local and international platforms; she was involved in financial and commercial litigation cases led by the international law firms…

Ani Nebieridze

- Director -

Mrs. Ani Nebieridze is a director at Shanidze & Nikoladze Law Group.Her practicing areas include Civil, Corporate, Labor, Banking, Administrative and Enforcement Law…


Nino Tchelidze

- Lawyer -

Nino has experience working with SNLG Group since 2019. She is a Master of Law, Social Science and Diplomacy School of the Georgian-American University. She has work experiance in Corporate, Labor, Civil law.


Ani Davituliani

- Consultant -

Within 12 years of professional practice, Ani has close contact with specific areas of the business sector, such as real estate development, construction, insurance, investments.

Ketevan Bokuchava

- HoReCa Consultant -

Mrs. Ketevan Bokuchava has over 10 years of working experience in a HoReca projects management field. Master of Law. Holds Postgraduate Executive Diploma in International…

Nino Nikolaishvili

- HR Consultant -

Mrs. Nino Nikolaishvili has fourteen years of working experience in Human Resources Management.
She has been working in public sector and private companies as well…

For Start-Ups

Initial Consultation


Reviewing any legal issues related to the business ideas of a company to identify the challenges you face

Legal Study


Full legal and operational assessment of your business plan/project, analyzing relevant legal environment



Making strategic decisions based on your business needs and plans, trough close cooperation



Putting decisions into practice



Ensuring proper and effective operation of the implemented projects

For Existing Companies

Liaison with Notaries

Drafting and Revising Contracts and Other Legal Documents

Dealing with Administrative Authorities

Negotiating with companies

With our partner provide Accounting Services

Providing Legal Advice Related to Daily Business Operations

Drafting Internal Corporate Acts and Documents

Registration of Properties and Transactions

Another case won by SNLG!

Shanidze and Nikoladze Law Group successfully completed another dispute, which was considered by the Georgian International Arbitration Center (GIAC). This time our law firm defended

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We are based in:

Tbilisi, Georgia

London, UK

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