SNLG is dedicated to protecting its clients’ intellectual property rights, which include patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs etc. Since intellectual property rights are vital to our clients’ businesses, we are aspired to provide them with the most effective legal solutions to safeguard their interests domestically and abroad.

SNLG Intellectual Property Practice Includes the Following Services:


  • Copyright Application Preparation, Filing and Renewal
  • Copyright License, Assignment and Negotiation


  • Patent Application Preparation and Filing
  • Patent Application and Maintenance
  • Patent License, Assignment and Negotiation


  • Trademark Application Preparation and Filing;
  • Monitoring of the registration proceedings;
  • Trademark Maintenance, License, Assignment and Negotiation
  • Representation of client at LEPL Revenue Service, in order to carry out relevant border measures regarding counterfeit goods;

Representation at the Chamber Appeals of National Intellectual Property Centre – Sakpatenti;

Intellectual Property Litigation.