For the successful operation of the organization along with other issues it is no less important, the development of a general structure and the implementation of standards, as well as the regulation of internal documentation, such as internal regulations and order forms.

SNLG is ready to provide legal assistance and offers the following types of services in the field of labor relations:

1. Based on the evaluation of HR documentation, processes and systems, optimization / development of HR documentation required for the proper functioning of the company, in particular:  Create a bonus system and coordinate the introduction, Develop an evaluation system/Evaluate the work done by the employees (assessment competencies and / or efficiency, etc.), Assist in the development of standard HR systems in the process of implementing the ISO standards management system, Regulating the issue of employee attendance registration. As well:

Creating a staff base and staffing schedule;

Creating a new structural scheme for the company;

Preparation of provisions on the functional workload of structural units;

Preparation of the company’s labor regulations;

Develop a corporate code of ethics (norms of conduct);

Preparation of HR command forms (personnel movement, incentives, disciplinary liability, etc.);

Analysis of functional load for each position and preparation of job descriptions;

HR case management – document movement;

Analyze labor safety issues in the company and prepare the necessary documentation.