Education is one of the most strictly regulated fields in Georgia since the right to education is guaranteed by the Constitution and the State shall ensure the harmony of the national educational system within the international educational environment. The adoption of a vast array of regulations is required, in order to ensure quality education in the territory of Georgia.

Education in Georgia is managed by the state authorities, such as the Ministry of Education and the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement.

The status of an educational institution can be obtained by both public and private legal entities. In order to carry out educational activities, it is necessary to obtain authorization, in some cases accreditation.

Obtaining authorization is a rather complex process that covers many different aspects. The status seeker is obliged to satisfy the standards set out in the legislation, in order to be engaged in the education process.

The SNLG team is ready to prepare any legal document needed to obtain authorization in close cooperation with you, as well as, to revise the legal side of various educational documents.