Shanidze & Nikoladze Law Group offers a comprehensive spectrum of employment related services, with a focus on workplace policies and procedures, termination agreements and employment, compliance with Georgian and international regulations. Besides, Managing partner, Mrs. Ekaterine Shanidze was actively involved in scrutiny of amendments made in the Georgian Labor Law in 2013. Our team’s experience includes drafting employment contracts, management agreements, internal employment by-laws, documentation for employment termination and non-compete agreements. In case of a breach of any of the aforementioned agreements our Law Group provides representation for clients facing employment issues, in one case  protecting the interests of the employer, and in the other position of the employee.

Meanwhile, as Coronavirus (COVID-19) created significant and unique challenges and concerns across all sectors of our society, Shanidze & Nikoladze Law Group lawyers are on the forefront of responding to developing legal issues and assisting clients on a wide variety of matters, including healthcare, labor and worker safety issues and regulatory compliance. Our Law Group is ready to assist during this crisis and creating a new legal landscape for our clients.