The first step to launch the business in Georgia is the registration of enterprise. With this registration the owner obtains protection necessary to proceed within the legal system. Nevertheless, according to Georgian Legislation there are still some activities requiring a license/permit, and such activities can only be carried out from the moment of obtaining such license / permit.

One of the main documents of business regulatory legislation in Georgia is the Law of Georgia on Licenses and Permits, which defines the complete list of licenses and permits, establishes the rules for obtaining licenses and permits, making amendments and grounds for declaring the decision to repeal of a license.

Licenses and Permits are required for the organized activities or actions of an undefined group of people that are characterized by excessive hazard to human life or health, involve state or public interests of special importance, or are related to the utilization of state resources.

An authorized administrative body shall issue a permit/license if an applicant meets the permit / license requirements. Terms and conditions of these are defined by law or the decision of the relevant state body/authority based on the legal regulation (only in case of permit).

License is required for the activities (but not only) such as insurance, private broadcasting, oil transportation, etc., or for utilization of resources (but not only) such as the oil and gas resources, etc.

Permits are required for the activities (but not only) such as construction, customs warehouse activity, outdoor advertising, etc.

The SNLG team will provide you legal assistance in obtaining the licenses and permits, necessary for your business activities. With this regards we are happy to present you all those specific requirements that are applicable to your business with the respective legislation. Additionally, we will prepare legal documentation which is necessary to meet the requirements.