According to the last 20 years, the construction sector has been established as one of the leaders and successful directions of business spheres in Georgia.

Therefore, increased interest and engagement not only from consumers and producers, but also from the government, the latter was reflected in a large list of legislative acts and regulations. The Company is obliged to carefully observe and enforce the regulations set out in the law in each case, otherwise there are provided penalties to the infringing party.

There are many cases of strict responsibility, for example, on March 21, 2018 the Law of Georgia on Labor Safety, which envisages different responsibilities and obligations of the employer on severe hard, hazardous and dangerous works.

In accordance with this law, the Labor Safety Inspection intensively conducts an inspection in the construction sector and in accordance with the identified violations (if applicable) imposes an administrative fine on the employing company.

* It should be noted that the incompatibility with the law is due to the severity of the violation and also provides for suspension of activity.

Due to the current legislative amendments of the legal company SNLG, you are offering legal services and service packages for the construction business.